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New user registration


it is used for each login to the system.

Distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation, special characters, etc.

If you forget your username, please contact us.

Password is the second sign in criteria. You can choose your own password for example your name, company name etc.

System distinguishes capital and small letters, diacritics, special marks etc. Username has to be entered with every sign in to the system in the exact form as you entered it during the registration.

In case you have forgoten your password contact ACTIVA.

Please enter the verifying password in the same form as "PASSWORD". It is necessary for verifying the correctness of the password.

Invoicing address

Invoicing adress is identical with adress stated in commercial record, tradesman sheet or in other registration document.

Enter a phone number without spaces and in the format+421605123456

TAX identification number in figural form without breaks.

Bank details are important for possible financial settlements.

Delivery address (if different from billing address)
Při změně adresy upravte také PSČ.

Fields marked "(required) " are required.